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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you at A-Z Plates?

By e-mail: platesaz@gmail.com.
By Phone: 353 87 175 6229

How soon will I get my plates if I place an order today?

Your plates will be delivered by An Post which is most cost effective and should be with you in 24 – 48 hours .

Is IRL euro flag the only one you do?

No we can do any flag that you require D, E, IT, F, M, GB, LT, RO,…….etc.

What size plates fit your number plate surrounds?

The plate size that fits the number plate surrounds is 520mm X 112mm.

Which plates are legal for use on public roads? Plates that we supply are legal for use on Irish public roads. However there are different rules for the various format available. The German font plates are not legal.

Are German font number plates legal in Rep of Ireland?

No. The German font number plate is not legal on Irish roads and we only supply as show plates.

Do your German plates take large registration numbers like
         example : 00-D-000000 or 00-KE-56789?

Yes. We can press plates with up to 9Digits not like others on the market that only take 7 Digits and are oversized.

Some German plates have parts of the registration number pressed into the county name are your plates the same?

No, our plates are made with pressing tools that do not make any contact with the county name.

Do you supply Stadt seals and Plakettes.

Yes we supply both for AUDI, VW, BMW & PORSCHE.

Can I use black and silver plates on my car?

Yes. Provided it is registered before 1987 or ZV are the first two letters.

Do you make the plates or do you supply your products through a third party?

We make all plates at our premises. We are in full control of our product with no middleman involved to cause confusion and delays.

Do you make only one size plate?

We make all of the most popular size plates and can also facilitate to make one off size plates. Please contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you.

Returns Policy:

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your purchase please contact by telephone or email.We will resolve an issues to your satisfaction.

P+P: Postage and Packaging Rates:–
Postage within Ireland (ROI) €4.95 Additional Item €2.00 Seals and plakettes €0.55
Postage to United Kingdom €5.95 Additional Item €2.00
Other Destinations Please contact for details

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