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Sample Products

Audi Black Surround (German font Audi background)

BMW Surround Black (with Seals and Plakettes)

VW Silver Surround pic3 (with seal & plakette)

VW Silver Surround pic2 (German font VW background)

BMW Chrome Surround (German font BMW background)

VW Black Surround (German font VW background)

Merc Surround Black (German font Merc background)

Standard Euro Pressed( With VW background)

Pressed Euro 520 x 112 (Small Digits)

German White IRL(No County) 520 x 112mm(Metal)

German White IRL 520 x 112mm(Metal)

Standard White IRL 520 x 112 (Metal)

Small Front IRL 330 X 76mm (Flat Metal)

IRL White 520 X 112 (Acrilic)

Square IRL White 280 x 200 (Metal)

Square IRL White 280 x 200 (Acrilic)

Jap Import IRL White 318 x 178 (Acrilic)

Jap Import & American IRL 305 x 152 (Metal)

Vintage Black on Red 520x112mm (metal)

English Font Yellow Plain 520 x112 (Acrilic)

German Silver on Black 520 x 112mm(Metal)

Vintage Sliver on Black 520 x 112mm (Metal)

Vintage Square Sliver on Black 280 x 200mm (Metal)

Vintage Silver 520 x 112 (Flat Metal)

Vintage Silver 280 x 200 (Flat Metal)

Vintage Chrome 520 x 112 (Flat Metal)

Vintage Silver on Black Vogue 280 X 200mm (Acrilic)

Vintage Gold 520 x 112 (Flat Metal)

Motorcycle IRL White 190 x 150mm (Metal)

Motorcycle IRL White 227 x 150mm (Metal)

Motorcycle IRL White 227 x 178mm (Metal)

Motorcycle Yellow Pressed 227 x 178 (Metal)

Motorcycle Red 190 x 150 (Flat Metal)

Motorcycle Gold 190 x 150 (Flat Metal)

Vintage Scooter Square Sliver on Black 165 x165mm (Metal)

Motorcycle Sliver on Black 220 X 110mm (Metal)

Vintage Brushed Aluminium Silver 165 x 165mm (Flat Metal)

Vintage Brushed Aluminium Silver 178 x 50mm (Flat Metal)

Vintage Brushed Aluminium Silver 178 x 75mm (Flat Metal)

Self tapping Screws and Covers x 4

Sticky Pads x 8

California American Plate

Florida American Plate

Hawaii American Plate

Nevada American Plate

Audi & VW Stad Seals

Berlin Stad Seals

BMW Stad Seals

Porsche Stad Seals

Blue Plakettes

Yellow Plakettes

Pink Plakettes

Red Plakettes

Green Plakettes

P+P: Postage and Packaging Rates:–
Postage within Ireland (ROI) €4.95 Additional Item €2.00 Seals and plakettes €0.55
Postage to United Kingdom €5.95 Additional Item €2.00
Other Destinations Please contact for details

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